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For information on the Revenue Race Program visit our website at: www.revenuerace.com
Lindt National Sales Conference in Jamaica. Excellence Celebrated...
Celebrating Excellence in Cuba... Organon Canada at their National Sales Conference.
Ceridian, 4 day National Sales Conference at Intrawest, Blue Mountian. Click to see photos from the event.
Intrawest at Blue Mountain partners with Excellence Events for Corporate Conferences. Intrawest resorts are unique places for small business retreats, meetings and conferences, large conventions and everything in between.
Soon to come:

You will be able to listen and watch your events soon after they occur! You can own the speech from your event for those memories that truly inspire. Listen in your home or on the go!! Whether in the jungles or the slopes...

Excellence Events is with you to the max!

The Telemedia Team conquered "Mission Impossible" and gained a new insight on the importance of incorporating teamwork and creative thinking into their business.
Excellence Events has a ten-year track record of helping organizations build world-class teams and accelerate corporate performance. The core message of Excellence Events is that people are more effective when working together. By helping clients discover the unique opportunities for growth that lie beneath the surface, Excellence Events enhances interpersonal communication and produces more powerful teams. Every event is tailored to the specific needs of each client by combining physical and intellectual challenges that enhance the performance of your corporate team.

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