"Your determination, perseverance and commitment to excel in the face of tremendous challenges represent the finest example of the true potential in us all. Indeed, we are better people by having had the opportunity of being exposed to your shining evidence of excellence in the pursuit of a dream."
- Merrill Lynch

"I was impressed and appreciative of the time you took to understand the audience and the business environment that we face, so that you could align the challenges that you experienced on your trips with those that we face everyday. You certainly presented us with many relevant insightful and thought provoking ideas and suggestions."
- The Quaker Oats Company
The Excellence Events grew out of the hard-won success of
world class achievement.

Explorer and entrepreneur, Jeff MacInnis, achieved a four hundred year old impossible challenge, when he led the first team to sail the Northwest Passage.

This epic journey covered 4,000 kilometres over 100 days in an 18-foot boat named PERCEPTION - using only the wind and a dream as the sources of power. The expedition survived one of the harshest environments on the face of this planet, through an ice-choked passage that has claimed more lives than Mount Everest.

In athletics, Jeff competed on the Canadian National Ski Team, racing in World Cup events and winning the Belgium National Downhill Championships in 1984. This was the era of the “Crazy Canucks,” and Jeff learned valuable insights into outstanding team effort.

As an explorer, Jeff was also an intricate member of the first team to journey overland from London to New York.

The Overland Challenge was a grueling 25,000 km journey around the world. This expedition was a 7 million dollar, eight part, prime time, “live action” British television series.

Jeff is the author of a National Geographic Magazine story and a best-selling book called "Polar Passage". A world-wide Rolex magazine advertisement features his Northwest Passage Expedition. He has presented 400 lectures in nine countries to Fortune 500 companies and associations.

10 years ago Jeff created Excellence Events to focus on accelerating performance. People learn by doing and each event combines intellectual and physical challenges that fascinate people, and build confidence and excitement about the future. Experiential exercises that demonstrate the effectiveness of teamwork and communication are implemented to fuel the momentum and create compelling new possibilities.


Life is an adventure. Business is an adventure.
Your team may not be sailing the Northwest Passage, but in the words of IBM,

"Everyone agreed that Jeff related to the audience very well and in fact reminded us that there really is adventure to be had for those who are willing to translate their dreams into action."